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Telemarketing Companies

Backed up by more than 12 years of experience, throughout which we have worked with all types of organisations, from telemarketing companies to insurance companies to NGOs, we select the best databases for direct marketing.

Telemarketing Companies

Telemarketing databases

Non-profit organisation

Survey and lead generation campaigns to encourage new members.

Insurance company

Campaign to attract car insurance customers through telemarketing strategies.

Sell centre

Direct sales campaign for financial products in banking.

Call centre

Campaigns for call centres in telecommunications.



According to variables relevant to your campaign


High-quality records that comply with legal regulations


Guaranteed high contactability of records Per sector

Per sector

Business, telecommunications, automotive, insurance, SMEs, and freelancers


National and European scope


Socio-cultural variables: age, gender, etc.

Why trust Kapta List Broking?

  • We provide you with only the best databases.
  • We propose a specific solution for each project.
  • We deliver a free trial of 2,000 database records.
  • We offer legal advice on usage requirements and supervision of deletion processes, etc.
  • We constantly update to comply with newly implemented laws. We keep up with technological innovations.
  • We have an expert team of professionals with extensive experience.
  • Verifiable success stories

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We select the best databases on the market for your project.

Call Centre Campaigns

Call Centre Campaigns

Are you starting a Telemarketing Campaign? Contact us for the best databases.

Call Centre Campaigns

Call Centre Campaigns

Do you need to specialize the calls of your Call Center Campaigns? We can get the best B2B providers for you.