Database normalisation

Database normalisation

Database normalisation and debugging

Database normalisation and debugging Database normalisation and debugging It consists in processing the names and addresses for database normalisation. We locate and eliminate duplicate records from our lists, contrasting names and addresses to the 2001 census section.

There are two modalities: installation and service office. They are offered in service mode or the form of a user licence (MVS, DOS/VSE, NT, UNIX, etc.). Also, with customised developments and in mixed mode (service-licence).



Where are our potential customers? What are they like? Where should we be present but aren’t yet? New technology allows us to answer these questions: GIS (Geographic Information System). Using GIS, we can conduct Micromarketing campaigns that further analyse the geographical variables

Kapta List Broking provides her clients interested in this technology with a web application that is intuitive to use and has excellent potential. By georeferencing clients and company centres and establishing distribution areas or commercial activities at the census section level, we can map areas of influence and/or exclusivity based on the relevant population data for each case and at the level of detail required by the campaign: autonomous community, province, municipality or even very precisely, a block or street section level— postal code, census section, etc., of course.

Is it possible to enter my own data into the system? Yes, suppose your company has a geographical database. In that case, it can be integrated into the micro-marketing tool, which opens infinite possibilities for analysis: distribution in areas with few customers, distribution in areas with a high level of wealth, and selecting records optimal for the campaign areas… he highly specialised geolocalised data allows this analysis to be carried out automatically.

Digital maps

Digital maps at postcode and census tract level

We can visually translate information from postcode and census tract data into one or more Digital Maps. which is very useful in cold-calls, where a team of commercial agents is deployed.