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Automotive Marketing

Car insurance is, alongside house insurance, the most widely purchased amongst Spanish citizens. It’s a highly competitive sector; thus, streamlining according to different variables to obtain satisfactory results in our direct marketing campaigns with Car databases is paramount.

Not only is a direct marketing campaign about the brand being a household name, inspiring confidence, and carefully choosing the ideal client profile but also other variables like the chosen moment to make a business contact should be taken into consideration. Having adequate car industry marketing lists entails knowing the client’s insurance expiration day and, thus, enabling you to contact the client weeks before the insurance expires when without a shadow of a doubt, the client will be more open to your offer.

Automotive industry marketing

Segmentation possibilities:

  • Insurance expiration date
  • Type of vehicle: car, motorbike
  • Brand and model
  • Car registration date
  • Geographical area

Identifiable variables:

  • Name and Surname
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • address
  • Personal information( date of birth, gender, number of children)
Database car industry

Database car industry

Optimize your search for new clients with Database Automotive industry

Database Car Industry