Renting databases

We are experts in searching for and selecting email lists. We have been doing so for more than 12 years, so we can provide you with the know-how, bearing in mind the key features of your sector and the coveted outcome.

Renting databases

In this day and time, any company wishing to carry out a direct marketing campaign, regardless of the chosen channel, needs quality data to be able to contact potential customers. In light of this need, there are two options to be weighed; investing resources and time to obtain these lists and managing own database or renting databases.

At KAPTA, we have in-depth knowledge of the available databases for rent on the market so we can advise you on which ones are best suited to your needs and, above all, with all the quality and legal guarantees.

Which benefits does my company have when renting databases?

One value is immediacy: If your company does not have a database or an outdated one, considerable time and effort will have to be invested in preparing one for your campaign.

Adapting content to each recipient: A specialised and segmented database will enable sending out distinct messages according to the specific needs of each recipient and will inevitably increase the campaign’s efficiency.


Lastly, if you do have an updated and quality DataBase, it might have a low volume of registrations. Rent data so you can boost the results of your campaign!

Renting a data base

Do you see yourself in the above? Contact us, and we will help you.



We know which databases work best according to your campaigns´ features. We can advise you on the segmentation and deduping processes, legal aspects, etc.

Email lists

Email list

The first step to starting a direct marketing campaign is to have an email list. If you have a limited budget, we can size up the costs.