Database Marketing

If you work in marketing, you already know segmentation is paramount to achieving your goals. Having reliable information about your customers is the best way to reach them effectively.

Database marketing is a variant of direct marketing in which a particular role is given to segmentation, taking advantage of the prospects’’ information at our disposal. We use it to personalise, as much as possible, the communication we have designe

Database Marketing
Whether the campaign aims to attract new customers, retain existing ones, or reactivate purchases, we need a database with segmentation variables that are as abundant and current as possible.

Consumer and business databases

Consumer databases: for companies that market directly to the end customer. The records include individuals and their socio-demographic variables: gender, age, geographic location, country of origin, socio-economic level, etc.

Business databases: tend to be much more detailed since they do not deal with personal data and are not as restricted as consumer databases. This type of database can be used for many different purposes, such as networking, looking for partners, offering new products, or remarketing.

Database service

At Kapta ListBroking, we offer quality databases with a high degree of segmentation that comply with all the current legal frameworks. In addition, thanks to our extensive experience providing database service, we speed up the procedures so that in just 2-3 working days, you will have the database needed to launch your campaign.

Database Service