Experts in database selection for direct marketing campaigns.

Reliable and Quality databases are specially selected for each client.

What sets our databases apart is that they are:

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Databases examples per sector:

Insurance sector

Car, house, and medical insurance are highly competitive sectors where establishing good rapport with clients is key. Build rapport thanks to having in-depth knowledge of customers’ characteristics before contacting them.

Freelancers, Self-employed, and SMEs (Small businesses)

We have updated records with more than 1.500.000 professionals belonging to all sectors, which can be used in direct marketing campaigns.

Automotive industry

We advise you regarding the ideal campaign profile, guaranteeing the highest conversion rate, so your inversion has a good return on ad spend.


We offer relevant data adapted to any kind of commercial strategy to obtain new leads, generate sales, and build and retain loyal customers Databases with streamlined variables per sector.


Data management is crucial, especially in this sector, where technology takes over day-to-day tasks.

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Database Rental

We will select those email databases with the highest quality records, including key variables for your lead generation campaign:


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Launching marketing campaigns in record time

Email, phone, postal address… Which is the best channel to generate conversions? We offer records with a high contact rate and all guarantees in a short time window.

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Adapting messages to the target audience

An advertising message able to connect with the specific client’s needs will end up being more persuasive and, as such, generate more sales. You will have access to that data through our highly specialised database and, thus, obtain better marketing campaign results.

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Highly segmented and specialised list of records.

We handpick amongst the best market data providers that take into consideration the sociodemographic characteristics of your target audience (age, gender, profession, place of residence, etc.)

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Automotive industry database campaign

  • Variables to streamline care sales.
  • Car insurance renewal.
  • Car make and model.
  • Car registration date.
Purchasing Databases

Purchasing Databases

The term “purchase DB” uses the abbreviation for Databases. When purchasing databases, it is paramount to verify the reliability and trustworthiness of the providers.

Telemarketing campaigns

Telemarketing campaigns

The effectiveness of the telemarketing campaigns is linked to the reliability of the essential data provided.

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Telemarketing campaign

Telemarketing campaign

The data quality brings about the success possibilities of a telemarketing campaign. Kapta always offers leads with updated and reliable information, enabling your advertising promotional activities to obtain excellent results.



Our specialty is being list brokers with over 12 years of experience. We are deeply familiar with the databases available on the market, meaning which providers offer the best quality and which databases have the best conversion rate depending on the campaign at hand, segmentation, and deduplication process, increasing costs.

Qualified data

Qualified data

What differentiates our offered databases is that the information contained is highly qualified. Thus, your campaigns are directed to prospects likely to generate business.

Business lists of records

Business lists of records

Our databases feature data for businesses and professionals for marketing campaigns. Thus, your campaigns are directed to prospects likely to generate business.

Consumers’ lists of records

Consumers’ lists of records

Do you need a database to contact consumers? We analyse your marketing strategies with you, advising you on which databases should be used and how to achieve the highest return.

Direct marketing

Direct marketing

The marketing world moves at a vertiginous pace. If you urgently need consumer records, hiring highly specialised, segmented, and quality-guaranteed databases for your direct marketing campaign is best.

Mailing addresses/Postal Data

Mailing addresses/Postal Data

A mailing addresses database that offers geographically segmented data is vital in specific campaigns such as national shipping. We can select the one that best meets your needs.

Purchasing Databases

Purchasing Databases

Our experience in searching and selecting databases is at your service to offer you the best providers in the market. Purchasing rental databases from us ensures having all the quality and security guarantees.

Email database

Email database

Are you preparing a newsletter or electronic advertising, but you do not have a potential client list to whom to send it? We can select a high contact rate database and advise you so that your advertisements or newsletter do not end up in their spam folder.

Mailing Campaign

Mailing campaign

An affordable and high-conversion direct marketing strategy is a mailing campaign. We will scale the costs according to your indicated budget, modifying the inversion depending on the volume, data recency, etc.

Leads Generation

Leads Generation

If your priority in your promotional actions is to generate leads, we can cross reference the information acquired with an additional database according to previously defined criteria.

Buying Companies' databases

Buying Companies' databases

We will study your project’s specific needs and put you in touch with the best providers so you can rent or purchase companies’ databases. Your campaign will get the best results since it will be focused on the most receptive target group.

Dedicated to List Broking for more than 12 years

KAPTA List Broking was founded in Madrid more than 12 years ago, focusing on offering quality, personalised database marketing solutions.

Our way of working revolves around our clients and their needs: we delineate coveted objectives and offer the service/product that best and always fits their specific needs. It´s crucial for us to offer an agile and flexible service, so when hiring us, not only do you make your projects more powerful, but you also do it quicker and easier.

All of our databases comply with the legal framework LOPD-GDD (Data Protection and Guarantee of Digital Rights Organic Law 3/2018) and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We go to a great extent to offer our clients our vast experience in buying rental databases of companies To do this, we thoroughly analyze the promotional campaign that has been planned, its objectives, the target audience it is aimed at, etc. Based on these parameters, we select the ideal database for each case.

I have been working with the Kapta team for years, and, to date, my experience has been that of having a professional and reliable team with deep knowledge of the databases market. They are great at orienting the customer and are more than capable of adding value to our shared projects.


David Güeto. Remote Sales and Innovation division director

These last six years working with KAPTA List Consulting have been excellent in both personal and professional dealings. We have reached agreements with an adequate user profile.

Webpiliots Databases provider

José Martinez, General Director.


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